We provide residential garbage can and recycle bin cleaning services right at your curb! Every week people haul their garbage and recycling down to the street to be picked up and emptied. In addition to the normal garbage items, there’s a laundry list of other nasty things heading in there – from rotten food and dirty diapers to mom’s disinfecting wipes full of last week’s flu virus and remnants from last week’s fishing trip. Between the smell and the germs it gets down right disgusting, and we all know that NO ONE wants the job of cleaning it out.

That’s where we come in! Simply select your desired service package and we’ll take care of the rest. We take care of takes care of 99% of the mess and 100% of the hassle.

The Benefits

  • Remove the Odor

    This is the number one complaint most homeowners have about their bins – THE SMELL! We clean and deodorize your bins and leave them smelling fresh.

  • Convenient & Fast

    We do our service on your trash pick-up day, reducing the hassle and the mess that goes along with you having to deal with it yourself.

  • Rodent & Bug Free

    Generally, where there is garbage, there are pesky rodents & bugs looking for a meal. Keeping your bins clean and odor free reduces the chance that these visitors will stop by.

  • Prevent Bacteria & Viruses

    We use pressurized hot water to sanitize your bins and then spray a biodegradable disinfectant that kills 99% of germs, eliminating bacterial and other harmful organisms lurking in your containers.

  • Storm Drains Free of Dirty Water

    Our process keeps dirty, chemical & germ-filled water from your bins from reaching your storm drains or draining into your yard. Our approach does all the work, and all used water is collected on our trucks and disposed of properly.


Eco-friendly solution

Our approach not only cleans your bins, but it is also good for the environment!

Our truck is designed to lift your bins over revolving cleaning heads that wash away the gunk & grime hiding inside. Your bin is cleaned only using the custom designed hot water pressure washing system, with NO HARSH CHEMICALS. The waste water passes through a filtration system into our holding tanks, and we properly dispose of it at a treatment facility. That means no water, chemicals, and grime washing down your driveway to the storm drain or into your yard. We also use a biodegradable disinfectant & deodorizer that is safe for the environment and kills 99% of germs.

Water conservation

Our cleaning system is also designed to be as efficient as possible. Using high pressure hot water allows us to clean your bin by using 50% less water than a typical homeowner doing a manual cleaning at home themselves.