About us

We’ve all been there. We walk past those bins on our way out for the day and think… ‘WHAT IS THAT SMELL?’ We look to the corner of the garage at those bins we’d rather forget. We are so repulsed that we send children or other loved ones to “TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT” or do it ourselves only to rush back inside to wash our hands for fear of what was lurking on the lid. After weeks of overlooking the problem, we decide to clean up the bins – but we have to WAIT FOR THE PERFECT DAY when the bins are empty, weather is nice, and we have the time and energy to do the job. We change into our old clothes, haul a hose, some harsh chemicals, and a broom out to the front yard. We spend 20-30 minutes SPRAYING, SCRUBBING, RINSING & REPEATING, until we finally decide it’s “GOOD ENOUGH.” Then we pour the waste water down the driveway or into the yard, wondering if it will stain the driveway or kill the grass. Feeling accomplished, we look down only to notice that we got some of that nasty cleaning solution on our clothes and shoes, which are now RUINED!

Not any more! Welcome to TIDY TRASH BINS!

As a locally-owned, family business deeply rooted in Rock County, we strive to deliver the best service possible to our friends and neighbors. We loathed this garbage bin hassle just as much as the next person, and finally decided to do something about it!

We make your bins respectable again! No more hiding them in the corner and avoiding them like the plague. Don’t wait until you can’t stand the smell or worry about the bacteria, viruses lurking in your bins! We are available to clean your bins on the day the contents are collected, and we will return month after month!! We clean your bins using an eco-friendly process – without the use of harsh chemicals, collecting the waste water, and we even deodorize your bins with a biodegradable disinfectant. Tidy Bin, Tidy property. Learn more about our cleaning process.

No more smell, no more grime. Our process will take care of 99.9 % of bacteria and 100% of the hassle. Clean, sanitized & deodorized!


Are you ready for your cans to be tidy trash bins?